Ups National Agreement 2018

Increased rates of progress. On August 1, 2018, many full-time workers engaged in progress will receive more than $3.00 per hour. Below are the most important improvements to the contracts, which are included in the NATIONAL UPS agreement for 2018 – 2023 – of a five-year contract. After each article and the rating of the section is a summary of the proposed amendment. General wage increase for all part-time workers: August 1, 2018: August 70, 2019: .75 August 1, 2020: .80 August 1, 2021: .90 August 1, 2022: 1.00 – August 1, 2018: Double: .8626; Triple: .8810 – August 1, 2019: single: .08613; Double: .8800 Triple: .8988 – August 1, 2020: single: .8796; Doubles: .8987; Triple: .9197 – August 1, 2021: single: .9001; Doubles: .9196; Triple: .9393 – August 1, 2022: single: .9229; Doubles: .9429; Triple: .9631 The National UPS Negotiating Committee von Teamsters published the national agreement in principle and the strengths of the agreement. Highlights are available in this update (see below) and the agreement is available here. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has compiled and published the UPS Southern Region Agreement. The version, which appears in printed contract books and will be provisionally available in the summer by IBT notification, will be published as a reference below. On August 1, 2018, drivers of paid miles as of August 1, 2018 will be included in the above progression. At the time of the press, the trade union negotiators meet to conclude the endorsements. We have agreed to a contract extension that allows local union leaders representing UPS members to review the proposed contract and national additions. After the agreement of the Heads of State or Government, members will then have the opportunity to vote electronically on the ratification of the national agreement and its additions.

Twelve (12) months: single .6203; Double .6335; Triple: .6466 Start: Single .5816; Double .5939; Triple .6062 The maximum rate will increase each year to just over $40.00 per hour on August 1, 2022. In addition, the new increase in mileage for runners is increasing as follows: “We will continue to keep our members informed as the process progresses,” Taylor said. We continue to appreciate the input and support of our members. We look forward to concluding these long and difficult negotiations so that our members will gain the security they need and deserve for themselves and their families. If you would like to check the National Masteragrement, its Spanish summary or a review of these changes, please see this link. An increase of 4.15 cents on the 1st 8th. No shared pay increases. . “The proposed contract provides all of our UPS members – both full-time and part-time – with a significant increase in wages, benefits and working conditions for years to come,” said Denis Taylor, Director of the Teamsters Package Division and co-chair of the Teamsters Negotiating Committee. We are now publishing the contract and the proposed highlights so that our members have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

” 8/1/19 14.00 8/1/20 14.50 8/1/21 15.00 15.00 8/1/22 $15.50

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