Tujuan Free Trade Agreement

Beleid was released as part of the process of ratifying the Asean-Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement, in accordance with Presidential Decree 34/2020. This agreement also complements the list of free trade agreements owned by the Indonesian government. Melansir Definition of the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Indonesia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is an agreement between two or more countries to form a free trade area. The Kemendag FTA Center has three main objectives: improving export friendliness and facilitating trade; The increased use of international trade cooperation systems; And encourage entrepreneurs to export and print new exporters. “Indonesia will compete with other Asean member countries when it enters the Hong Kong market, so that Indonesia will have to improve the quality standards and competitiveness of its export products. In addition, Hong Kong is seen not only as the final goal of exports, but also as a hub for entering other countries` markets,” said the director of Asean negotiations of the Ministry of Commerce, Antonius Yudi Triantoro, in the official statement on Tuesday 7.07.2020. Do you know the history of THE reputation, purpose and impact of THE AFTA? With regard to education and socialization services, the Kemendag FTA Center will conduct various capacity building activities for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to compete in the global market. This activity is mainly aimed at M2, which is export-oriented. The activities will end in the form of training, coaching and socialization clinics, which will take place on their own or in collaboration with other parties. These activities aim to increase knowledge and understanding of export activities in order to increase the value-added and competitiveness of participants. The Kemendag FTA Center targets new exporters who could increase the number of exporters in Indonesia and increase the business class of SMEs.

The AHKFTA agreement is ASEAN`s sixth free trade agreement with external partners after China, South Korea, Japan, India and Australia-New Zealand.

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