Simple Commercial Lease Agreement Bc

This professional rent can be used to establish either one month`s rent or a temporary rent. In the case of a monthly lease, there is no expiry of the lease. The tenant or landlord must only notify it in writing at least one month in advance. In the case of a temporary rent, the tenant must no longer be rented on the date set out in the tenancy agreement. If the tenant and lessor wish to continue the lease, they must take steps to renew or modify the tenancy agreement before the lease expires. To the extent that the tenant is in the occupancy of the premises and the tenant does not have a delay in his obligations under the tenancy agreement, the tenant pays the maximum sum of USD 100,000.00 plus GST (the “allocation”) as a contribution to the initial local improvements installed by the tenant or on behalf of the tenant. The assistance is spent exclusively for the improvement of the premises and must be paid to the tenant`s authorized holder in installments, as agreed between the lessor, the tenant and the licensed contractor, upon presentation of the owner`s invoices duly authenticated by the tenant and provided that the work shown in it has been carried out, and provided that the tenant has made the tenancy in a satisfactory form for the landlord. The last ten (10%) (iii) part of the part of the premises and community facilities; which, in the case of premises, is included on an additional rental area, is calculated by multiplying the aggregate of the base area of the part of common surfaces and installations on the ground by a fraction of the amount of the rental area (except for this part of the common areas and ground facilities) of the premises and their denominator of the rental zone (except for this part of the common areas and facilities) This floor is meant to be rented. Owners are required to establish a written agreement for each lease.

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