Short Term Agreement Meaning

Short-term contracts can be offered without a recruitment campaign and will temporarily cover the absence of an agent for at least three months and a maximum of 12 months. Such contracts cannot be extended beyond 12 months or converted into fixed-term contracts. After the appointment of a short-term contract, you must take care of all the administrative details in order to be able to join the ECB on the agreed launch date. For more information on the necessary documents, the benefits by appointment and other formalities, visit the corresponding pages for new employees. The commitment of each bank, with a commitment within the framework of the short-term agreement before the effectiveness of this amendment and implementation, which will not have a commitment under the short-term agreement after the effectiveness of this amendment and its restoration, ends the effectiveness of this modification and redefinition, and this bank will no longer be part of the agreement in the short term. The conditions for short-term contracts are listed in Schedule IIb of terms of employment. The provisions of this agreement are limited to the supply of gas, as stipulated in this agreement, and are not considered to be a renewal of a similar agreement, alliance or agreement that already exists between the parties and remains unchanged, with the exception of the short-term agreement. Unless expressly defined otherwise, each activated term defined in the short-term agreement has the meaning attributed to that clause in the short-term contract. Any bank that, as a result of this amendment and new obligation, has a commitment under the short-term agreement, but was not a party to the short-term agreement prior to the effectiveness of this amendment and its reinstatement, is a party to the short-term agreement, with all the rights and obligations of a bank under that agreement and with the obligation outlined here in that agreement. Effectively and including the date on which this amendment and restitutio in integrum takes effect in accordance with Section 8, the commitment of each bank (including any Swingline lender in its capacity as such) is, as part of the short-term agreement, the amount set in relation to that bank`s name on that bank`s signature pages.

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