Secondment Agreement Law Firm

In terms of culture and language, seconded employees should be well prepared for their missions abroad. Language courses are useful in this context, as are a few weeks in the pre-detachment objective. In addition, employers should, where possible, help their employees find suitable housing and, where appropriate, schools for dependent children. The secondment of staff to business sites in other countries is an important issue in cross-border labour law. Detachment is often a popular means of deepening cross-border cooperation, particularly in the transfer of know-how and strengthening contacts with foreign branches. A secondment is a great way to expand your training experience. Finding your destination and networking with your colleagues will help you maximize your chances. International detachments are offered to all aspirants at White-Case. This unique experience develops the skills of an apprentice and allows them to become a lawyer specializing in international cross-border work. We spoke with Christina Churchman, head of re-contracting and development at White-Case, about this exciting opportunity. A secondment can be made at any time during the training contract, but the possibilities vary from company to company. A manager should consider each employee at a personal level before encouraging them to take over a delegation and the additional requirements associated with it.

A secondment gives interns an insight into what it is like to be a legal client, which can be extremely helpful when the intern returns to the first office. In general, companies benefit from the new skills that trainees learn during secondment and clients benefit from access to well-trained legal resources that better understand their needs. A secondment is a period during which an employee of one company or department temporarily enters another. A secondment would be part of your training contract and typically lasts six months or a “seat,” although some detachments are for three months. We interviewed many lawyers who had seconded and all expressed the belief that they significantly improved the experience in the training contract. Some companies also offer international secondments that allow apprentices to experience the differences between British companies and businesses abroad. As these detachments are generally more competitive, you need to weigh your options at an early stage. Given the relocation of part of London`s financial industry, regulators should exercise caution with respect to labour law requirements.

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