Pending Customer Agreements)

In Microsoft`s customer contract billing account, fees are estimated and considered to be on hold until they are billed. You can view the pending fees on the Azure portal to estimate your next bill. The remaining costs are estimated and do not include taxes. The actual fees on your next bill vary depending on the unpaid fee. 3.3 Set aside. We may require you to meet a minimum balance in your payment account or to set up a separate reserve account (a “reserve”) to ensure that your payment obligations are met in accordance with this Agreement. The reserve will be an amount that we will designate to cover our risk by providing you with the service (including, but not limited to prepayments or credit risks) or the amount indicated by our processor (see below). The reserve can be set up when you first use the service and can be increased, lowered or removed from time to time. You agree that we may fund the reserve from your balance, funds or funds sent at our request under this agreement. You give us a security interest and a guarantee interest in all funds held in reserve, and you also authorize us to make all withdrawals or withdrawals from the reserve without notice to recover the money you owe us, to our affiliates or to other customers. They execute all the additional documents we need to further our interest in the security of all funds in reserve.

This security interest will survive as long as we keep money on your reserve. They irrevocably transfer to us all legal rights and interests over interests or other benefits that are or are attributable to their reserve. Note: If you delete a chord by mistake, you can move it back into spending with the same steps. You have to get the transactions back. 3.5 Buyer Litigation Program. If you sell goods or services through our service, you will work with us to resolve any claims that will be filed regarding our buyer litigation program. You will answer our questions and provide us with all the information we have requested regarding the disputed sales transactions within 5 business days of our request. The buyer litigation program includes our “A-bis-z” guarantee, which applies only to claims related to the sale of physical property. If we receive a claim under guarantee A to z (or a substantially consistent offer) for one of your transactions, you will provide us with a copy of the receipt made available to the buyer: (a) proof of delivery of the goods, b) the identification number of the transaction, (c) a description of the merchandise , (d) a copy of the receipt made available to the purchaser and any other information or document related to the transaction, which we reasonably request, including, but not limited to proof that the transaction has been authorized.

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