Jnc Agreement 2018

The JNC has agreed on compensation for 2020. JNC employers and staff for youth and community workers have agreed on pay for 2018 and 2019. The JNC has released an update on the JNC Education Framework changes. This was concluded in October 2016 and yielded a response rate of 46 per cent. The JNC for Youth and Community Workers has produced. We serve as the employers` secretariat for the Joint Bargaining Committee (JNC) for youth and community workers. Amendment of the Joint Negotiating Committee Agreement (Pink Book) which was introduced in 1951 to establish voluntary collective bargaining mechanisms for youth and community workers in local government. Following a consultation process, national employers responded to staff. The JNC for Youth Community Workers issued the following circular to local authorities for a change to the Pink Book.

Employers received a request from staff for salary and conditioning for 2020. The Pink Book is the manual for youth and community workers. The last update was in 2016. The JNC determines the compensation of youth and community workers – the current tallies include approximately 10,624 employees as of August 2016 – including employees: employers will now conduct a consultation process to inform their 2020 response.

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