Ihg Franchise Agreement

Obligations and restrictions: Whether the franchisees are an individual, a capital company, a company or another entity, the franchisor asks them to retain and exercise direct control of the hotel business at any time, unless otherwise authorized by the franchisor. However, the franchisor does not require franchisees to be personally involved in the direct operation of the hotel. The franchisor may include in the license conditions under which franchisees must hire a properly qualified and experienced management company (i) that is acceptable to HHFL, or (ii) General Manager, Director of Food – Beverage or Sales Manager with at least two years of experience in such a position in a hotel operated under one of HHFL`s brands or in a hotel located in a brand segment similar to that of the hotel Smith Travel Research, Inc. The franchisor needs franchisees with management experience who oversee the hotel on the site or who hire a management company that it has approved. A general manager who has completed the franchisor training program must monitor the operation directly on site. Franchisees must provide the hotel services described in the license and ensure that no part of the hotel or system is used to facilitate or promote a competing business. There are no restrictions on guests to whom franchisees can sell guest rooms or other goods or services related to the hotel business. Territory granted: The franchisor generally does not grant deductibles for exclusive territories or territories. The license applies only to a specific website and to the licensing of a hotel. The license applies to the location listed in the license and no other storage location.

Franchisees do not have exclusive territory. Franchisees may be exposed to competition from other franchisees, hotels owned by the franchisor or its related businesses, or other distribution channels or competitive brands that the franchisor or its related companies control. In special circumstances, HHFL may, if the franchisor may justify special considerations, grant exclusive or protected areas in which another InterContinental Hotel is not permitted; However, in such cases, the licence would still only be provided for a particular site and only for the licensing of a hotel. InterContinental Hotels Group has signed a Master Development Agreement with Aleph Hospitality for the development of 10 franchise hotels for their brands in the mid- and high-end segment. The agreement was signed this week at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The MDA will expand its presence in Africa to key countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria and Ghana. Whether owners choose franchises with us or opt for a management contract, we understand what it takes to build the successful relationships on which long-term businesses are based. Whether we book or manage hotels on behalf of external hotel owners depends largely on the maturity of the market, the preference of the owners and, in some cases, the brand concerned. Mature markets such as America and Europe mainly follow a franchise model, while a managed model is generally used in emerging countries such as Greater China. The accommodation is owned and managed by Latin American Hospitality Management Inc., the Hotel Grupo AGRISAL division, based in San Salvador, as part of a licensing agreement with an InterContinental Hotels Group company.

IHG has nearly 200 hotels in Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. IHG has hotels in almost every major market in Latin America and the Caribbean. The 198-storey Holiday Inn Express Panama City, scheduled to open in July 2012, is the fourth of seven IHG-marked buildings open or under construction, thanks to a long-term strategic agreement between IHG and Grupo AGRISAL`s Hotel Division.

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