Facebook Unrestricted Gift Agreement

Gift Research Gifts are designed to support a general area of research that: Facebook understands, when forming agreements, that universities have a level of overload and administration that must be reflected in sponsored cooperation agreements and that will pay about 40% of the cost of a researcher hosted by the university. Note that Facebook pays up to 5% of the university fees for unrestricted funding of donations. A Facebook spokesperson said that all SARA members “sign a universal agreement with project-related conditions that are fair and appropriate for universities.” Funding for higher education for the main tasks of teaching, research, education and the public service includes financial support from outside agencies. Such external financial assistance must be clearly identified as a gift or funding for sponsored project activities, in order to ensure adequate management of funds and compliance with all conditions. The proper management of funds depends on the recognition of distinctions, grants and contracts. Budgets may vary depending on the institution and geography, but all research funding ideally covers the employment/teaching of higher education graduates or postgraduate students; other research costs (e.B equipment, laptops, incidental fees); research-related travel (conferences, workshops, summits, etc.); Overhead for search gifts is limited to 5% Please note that all 26-62 accounts are not search gifts; Many of them are simply contracts or subsidies, for which overheads have been waived. The transition we are discussing here concerns only the 26-62 research gift accounts (26-62 RGA). Most RFP prizes are an unqualified gift. Due to its nature, salary/staff/staff numbers could be included in the PSR PROGRAM budget.

As the prize/gift is donated to the university, they can allocate the funds for this winning project and have the freedom to use it as needed. All Facebook teams are different and have different expectations in terms of performance, timing, etc. Money for salary and number of heads can be included. It is up to the audit team to determine whether the percentage of expenditures is appropriate and how this relates to the decision to win the project or not. The donation can be unlimited or donor may restrict the gift for a specific domain or purpose, such as the library. B, research, scholarships, etc. Unspent funds are not returned to the donor. The proper classification and treatment of external funds (gifts, grants and contracts) ensures the university`s ability to meet all the conditions set by the sponsor/donor, to comply with reporting obligations, to properly recover its direct and indirect costs and to facilitate an acceptable level of responsibility and responsibility for these funds.

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