Enterprise Agreement Anao

Graduates start with a salary of $63,429, but this increases each year in accordance with their enterprise agreement. You will be generously super (15.4%) and entitlements, as well as flexible work arrangements when you need them. ANAO employees also have access to an extensive learning and development program and generous support after completing the program. Think of all the rapid political and implementation challenges the government is currently facing. With the advances in technology and analytics, it`s a really exciting time to be in audit! For more information, see www.anao.govau. ANAO has a role to play in ensuring that Australian taxpayers` money is spent as efficiently as possible. The work you do will help hold other government agencies to account to ensure that they accurately report on their finances and that their programs are managed effectively, effectively and economically. This work can have a significant impact on the functioning of government. Communication, electrical, electronics, energy, information, post, plumbing and Allied Services Union of Australia Candidates from all disciplines are welcome to apply. However, anAO mainly employs people with degrees in accounting, finance, the arts, management, law, social sciences, public administration, commerce and communication. You must be an Australian citizen or be about to become one. They should also be a performance-oriented self-launcher, with a good business understanding and strong written and verbal communication skills.

The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption ANAO says it has a “friendly and supportive corporate culture” and “doing a difficult job that benefits the Australian people.” Since you are locked in Canberra with all the others who do the grad program, you can expect to make a lot of A-hours contacts. Workplace Relations Amendment (Workplace Choices) Act 2005 ANAO also has a network of Diversity Contact Officers who wish to promote a supportive, flexible and equitable work environment in which differences between employees are respected and considered an asset to an ANAO. The Good Sides: Great Training, Fascinating and Important Work In the terms of anAO, “ANAO strives to improve public sector performance and accountability by reporting independently to the management of the Australian government in Parliament, the executive and the public.” ANAO`s work can have a significant impact on national programmes, guidelines, projects, systems and reports. Instead of working for a public sector organization, you work at ANAO with a number of companies and gain experience in many different areas. As a result, you develop a deep understanding of what informs governance decisions. You will also find an overview of how the federal government and the Australian public service operate. You get valuable and transferable skills that you can use to forge an interesting career in the public service or a lucrative one in the private sector. Public Governance, Performance and Accounting Act 2013 Over the past eight decades, the Review Act has been amended and replaced.

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