Domestic Helper Loan Agreement

Temptation is everywhere in Hong Kong when it comes to solar food, clothing or a new mobile phone, it can be difficult for helpers to manage their budget and save money. If they spend more money than they can afford, some domestic workers will lend themselves to the money. Most credit sharks need the employer`s phone number and address before giving credit to an assistant. You may feel that your helper has shattered your trust if she has given it, even if she may have acted in good faith, with the intention of repaying her. When a loan shark starts calling you and sending you letters, calm down and don`t panic. Some employers keep their assistants` passports to prevent them from borrowing, but remember that it is illegal, your assistant should be able to keep their passport at all times. If they have an existing loan from a lender or are not allowed to borrow for any reason, some domestic workers may go to unleased lenders or individuals to borrow money. In these cases, they may often be charged extremely high monthly interest rates (for example. B 20% per month) and they may even be asked to provide their passports as collateral (which is illegal).

If this happened, you can receive a lot of calls and letters in your home, usually threatening. Report the lender`s behaviour to the authorized financial institution, the Hong Kong Police`s Money Lenders entity (tel. 2860 3574) or the anti-Scam hotline (Tel: 18222). What you should do: Open the dialog box and ask it. Find a time when you can sit and listen, and try not to judge. Explain that you have heard recently that some agencies charge high fees to domestic workers and that this practice is illegal. Tell him you want to try to fight these fees. So ask yourself, “Has an agency ever charged you a fee?” Discussion about finances with your assistant can be complicated and we often face situations we`ve never faced before. For those of you who are new to hiring a maid, or if you haven`t yet faced such situations, we`ve partnered with HelperChoice to answer these tricky financial questions, to seek credit and much more.

The debt cycle begins during recruitment. For those who have just arrived in Hong Kong, they may already have to borrow because very high fees are charged during recruitment. These fees may include training fees, intermediation fees, etc. Sometimes an accomplice will agree to be the guarantor of a friend who borrows money. If the girlfriend runs away with the money, your accomplice will have to pay all his friend`s debts. The interest on these debts, borrowed by credit sharks, can reach up to 60% per year! If this happens, you can receive a lot of calls and letters to your home, usually threatening in nature, which can be both irritating and scary for you and your family.

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