Deca Defence Agreement

The CDF found that the member has fulfilled all binding annual commitments arising from the agreement under reach of 3.5.76. The authorized absence for thought activities is subject to the consent of the supervisor. The authorized absence can be used for each of these activities. This acceptance form and the related parts of the 2005/2015 provision form the entire agreement between the Commonwealth and myself on the nature of this regulation. It terminates all previous agreements or agreements relating to the scheme. This includes, for example, things that may have been said to me about the system, or things I may have read elsewhere. If the CDF has granted the member an extension of the two-year period to conclude the commitments under the agreement under 3.5.70.b, that extension is extended. Example: a member joins the active reserve with great availability on July 1, 2006. A six-month surcharge is granted to the member in order to conclude the member`s commitments in his agreement. The member completed two years of service on December 30, 2008. This sub-clause describes the treatment of inefficient services in sub-clause 3.5.39B.3.

The member`s deadline is required to meet the terms of their agreement, is extended by some invalid service time, in accordance with point 3.5.39B.3. Examples: cars, trucks, motorcycles (and sidecars), scooters. Part B – Your formal acceptance of the offer and your consent to serve for an agreed period of between one and three years. If you have any doubts about the handling of your personal data, you should first raise your concerns with the Defence Service Center or contact the Defence Data Protection Commissioner in A registered physician or dentist who provides defence services, Australian public service personnel or otherwise as part of an existing agreement with Defence. The CDF may give a member a longer period of time to meet its obligations in its agreement. See: Paragraph 3.5.76, High Readiness Reserve Agreement It also provides for their formal acceptance of the offer and your agreement to serve until the end of the agreed service period for which benefits are paid. Please keep a copy and return the signed original.

You can request access or correction of the personal data you hold about yourself regarding this system by contacting the Defence Centre on 1800 333 362 or by sending an email This solution may also encourage the parties to agree before the nominal expiry dates of the agreements. For more information, see the data protection policy, available on the Internet at It contains information about how a person can request access to their personal data and how a person can request to change their personal data.

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