Condition Record Of Rebate Agreement

Default status: indicates the default status of the discount agreement. In general, it will be “open.” With this article, we continue our series of articles that discuss SAP`s potential interview issues. Today we will discuss the issue of the interview on discount contracts at SAP. This SAP feature refers to distribution (SD), billing (BIL). Therefore, this position should be of great interest to SAP SD consultants. There are three conditions for activating or activating discounts at these levels: VBO1/2/3/4 u2013 Create/Edit/Show/With Reference Discount Agreement In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. You are: 6. Create a discount agreement in the VBO1 transaction based on your requirements (whether the hardware is based or customer-based). Note: If it is a customer discount, the condition rate is maintained for the payer. When the customer was created, we specified the type of discount agreement.

To do this, we need to define the type of contract with the required functionality. Go ahead; Path: SPRO Sales and Distribution-Bill-Discount-Treatment-Discount agreements define the types of agreements- define the types of contracts. A discount is a special discount that is paid retroactively to a customer. This discount is based on the volume of debitor sales over a period of time. You can process discount agreements if the following conditions are met: Finally, the Z003 package group (created in Stage 2) is essentially assigned to the type of discount contract Z003 (established in stage 1), You will find most of the configuration of the discount in the next node in SPRO: And finally, enable the discount for the debitor/receiver in customer sales data – Billing proofs After payment to Debitor, the “Cancelled Demarcation” box is automatically updated in the discount agreement with the amount paid to the customer and also calculates the “maximum amount payable” to the customer. To view it, select the condition rate in the agreement and select the “Payment Data” icon. When the final tally of a rebate contract is completed, the SAP system automatically calculates the discount based on revenue statistics and flat-rate discounts (if any). In addition, discounts previously paid to this customer will be deducted. Then the system creates a credit requirement that can be shared by users and used to get the final credit.

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